Harvest Hop and Malt

Harvest Hop & Malt gives a personal commitment to top quality hops and malt for micro-breweries, distillers and bakers who appreciate Ontario grown ingredients.

Homebrewers wishing to pick up hops or malt must make an appointment via phone or email.

All grains are now available as certifed organic malts! Check the Inventory page for pricing.


London Brewing Co-operative is the first Craft Malt certified brewery in Canada! They are now licensed to use the Craft Malt Seal on their products that contain at least 10% (usually more) craft malt. Check out their website (link below) for the announcement.


We've been approved to use the Foodland Ontario logo on our products, in recognition of our exclusive use of Ontario grown grains! foodland.jpg


We've joined Taste Real in the promotion of locally sourced food. Watch for an upcoming discussion on what defines local in your favourite beverages. In the meantime, check out Taste Real's website for lots of information and events.

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We're growing! The new 1.5 tonne malting system, the Harvest Uni-Malter, is ready to go. The increased volumes will support growth at our existing customers, and, allow new customers to join the local malt movement.


We have been recognized by the Ontario Government with a Regional Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence!




Organic Rye and Wheat malt can be ordered now, and organic barley is being sourced for future production.

Non-organic malts will still be available.




Our loyal customers, using Ontario malts:




The Maadmen profiled HH+M on their regular beer podcasts (Episode29). Check out www.themaadmen.com. Episode 33 profiles an all HH+M Belgain Pale Ale made by Elora Brewing.


Brewers' testimonials below:


Sleeman's brewed a special beer for the University of Guelph's Ontario Agricultural College using all HH&M malts, made with Newdale barley, a descendant of OAC's groundbreaking barley varieties from decades ago. The university's response:

'On behalf of OAC and our OAC alumni a very big thank you for making it possible for them to enjoy Aggi Spirit beer on alumni weekend.
We heard only enthusiastic responses from our alumni about the quality of the beer, its great taste and the pleasure of being able to enjoy it in Johnston Hall and at the PCH venue for Conversation. Being able to have this beer helped to make the weekend more special.

And given how successful it was - we are looking forward to being able to serve one more batch for OAC's 140th celebration this September.'


Prud'homme Level 3 Class outside the Woolwich Arrow after a fine lunch and some Harvest Ales, made with our malt and Bertwell hops. The Prud'homme classes tour the HH&M operations as part of their in-depth education on beer. They took a bag of Pale malt with them and brewed a very tasty ale under the guidance of Paul Dickey, Cheshire Brewing.




  • User friendly control interface


  •   Perforated drum sieves waste         material during processing

unimalter.jpgHarvest Uni-Malter

  • 1500 kg capacity (base model). Other capacities can be quoted.

  • 6 day cycle

  • Fully automated with data logging

  • All stainless food grade construction

  • Turnkey delivery includes operating training

  • Efficient design minimizes energy and water use.

  • Can produce full spectrum of malts.

  • Base programs adaptable for most grains

  • Best return on investment for small scale malting systems

  • Real time off site monitoring optional

  • Adaptable to various electrical supplies

  • Natural gas or propane for drying

  • Heavy duty direct drive


For a quotation contact:

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