Andreas Pfenning died tragically recently. His passion for barley, malting and brewing will be missed. RIP, 1993-2018,



Fresh Bertwell Hops:

  • Pick your own – $11/lb
  • Custom Picked – $17/lb

Dried and Baled: $22lb

  • Ground Hops: $28/lb

 Hops Inventory:

Bertwell - 66 lb

Hallertauer - 40 lb (consigned from a fellow grower)

Dried and baled hops are stored frozen for as-fresh qualities for up to 2 years.

Malted Grains: 

  • Barley Malt: $55/25 kg bag
  • Rye Malt: $65/25 kg bag
  • Beyond the Pale Coloured malt - $ 65/25 kg bag
  • Wheat Malt - $65/25 kg bag
  • Organic Wheat Malt - $ 66/25 kg bag

Prices include free delivery (minimum 10 bags) within 200 km of our shop.

Other grains will be quoted on request.
Custom malting of consigned grains available.

Custom grinding of all malts can be quoted.

Brant Flour Mills is the source for rye grains in Ontario.

Pale and Rye malts are in continuous production.

Please provide 2 weeks notice for any orders.

For wheat or any other grains, please call 519-831-7696.






 Beechwood supplies the organic grain for the Organic Wheat Malt,

most of which ends up in Beau's Lugtread. 







Francois Poirier provided malting barley for HH&M for our first 2 years of operation.